Youngsters Disagree With Supreme Court, Claims Regulation Is Unnecessary

online content regulation

A few days back, some news are popping out that Supreme Court raised the notice for the OTT platforms to regulate its content. Now, some news comes to highlight which claims that youngsters are against to the plea.

In this digital era, online contents including web shows, original movies are the best friend of millennials. They don’t want to skip or miss any shows. After the Supreme Court petition comes into the limelight people mostly Youngsters are stepping out and say regulation on online content is unnecessary.

Well, the petition was raised by an NGO who seek a valuable response from Government. The petition claimed that there was a lack of regulation and also claimed that OTT platforms showcased full of “uncertified, sexually explicit and vulgar” content.

The Asian Age quoted some opinions about youngsters where they said no to the regulation as it is unnecessary.As per report, Kochi’s stand-up comedian Sabareesh Narayanan said, “Regulation on online content is unnecessary. If this happens, it will affect the freedom of content creators. Regulation will also affect the flow of creativity.”

“Most of the new shows on Netflix portraying life quite realistically and thus seem sexually explicit or ‘immoral’ and grim. Turning a mirror on reality isn’t something we should be shying away from…Entrusting the entirety of all media content to them wouldn’t be a fair means of ensuring ethical content.” The Asian Age also quoted Anny Mary’s opinion.

Well, As per ANI reports, the Supreme Court has raised a notice to regulate the content of OTT platforms. ANI today tweeted, “Supreme Court issues notice to Centre on a plea seeking framing of guidelines by the government to regulate the functioning of online media streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.”

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