What’s Latest Streaming Now : All New CW Arrowverse Episodes

What’s Latest Streaming Now :  All New CW Arrowverse Episodes

All Arrowverse episodes such as Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Flash are streaming right now on Hotstar. Catch up all new episodes and what’s going latest in those series.

1. The Flash Season 5 Episode 7

Flash was attacked by the daughter of the Weather wizard and Nora get distrubed by the fact how his father put everything on line to sacrifice his life to save other people. She annoyed with him until she realizes his perspective. Zaketa’ s past has been shown and her relationship with the little girl.

2. Arrow Season 7 Episode 7

Arrow aka Oliver Queen was just one day away from getting out from the jail but Diaz came to pay him visit. He infiltrate the jail and tried to kill Arrow and prisoners. Arrow finally got out from the jail where Felicity and Dig was waiting.

3. DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 6

Nat’s father came for a inspection in Time Beauro and they have gone to waverider to see where the money is going. Legends tried to hide the shapeshifter or Nate’s ex lookalike from him but found out. Nat’s father joined the mission to rid of a monster from the past.

4. Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7

Jim infiltrate the Children of Liberty community to ger their trust whereas Supergirl was trapped on the island owned by Agent of liberty and tried to blown out by Jim unknowingly. Lena continued with her experiments and get a boy onboard.

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