Top 10 TV Series According To IMDB Rating Which Are Streaming Now

Top 10 TV Series According To IMDB Rating Which Are Streaming Now

IMDB is the God of Reviews for all the movies and series. Be it a positive or negative criticism IMDB is like a go-to space for many of us. taking that on a consideration, look at how your favourite series are scoring as per the rating provided IMDB below. Your Top 10 TV series are on streaming platforms as well, below are the link to catch up.

1. Breaking Bad

Watch breaking Bad on:Netflix

This crime drama that tells the story of a teacher who gets involved in drugs due to financial problems has been well received by the audience. It seems not just the audience, but IMDB too has been impressed with the show. The show has a 9.5 rating, and as it suggests, it’s worth watching.

2.Game Of Thrones

Watch Game of Thrones on:Hotstar

Who doesn’t know the game of thrones? The series that tells the story of 9 noble families fighting for the mythical lands has the crowds hooked to it. IMDB has given the series a 9.9 rating which is the best so far. With breathtaking actions and beautiful settings, it’s worth the ranks.

3. Sherlock

Watch Sherlock on:Netflix

This series inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has Benedict Cumberbatch starring in the lead along with Martin Freeman. Whoever has seen the series or is a fan of Sherlock would entirely agree with IMDB with the 9.2 rating it has given for this crime drama series.

4. True Detective

Watch True Detective on:Hotstar

These American crime drama series say the story of a homicide serial killer and how it affects their life. With a 9 rating by IMDB, the series is attention capturing one with lots of mystery and thrillers.

5. The Walking Dead

Watch Walking Dead on:Netflix

Zombies might not be a character of interest to everyone but to whoever who watches walking dead, they would say otherwise. IMDB too thinks so with a rating of 9.2 on the series. The show is quite an amazing one and cannot be described just in words. It’s more of an experience.

6. Seinfield

Watch Seinfield on:Hulu

This comedy-drama that dates back 2 decades ago, still wins the heart of audience for their sense of humor and witty jokes. The story is about the misadventures of a standup comedian and his friend. With a 9.5 rating by IMDb, you know it had been a hit in those days.

7. Dexter

Watch Dexter on:Netflix

This crime drama that tells the story of a serial killer is not just engaging but quite a thriller too. With a 9.3 rating from IMDB, the show is worth spending time on. It’s quite hard not to find yourself falling in love with Dexter even though with his sociopath nature.

8. Arrow

Watch Arrow on:Netflix

The ultimate comic book series that is sort of similar to Batman tells the story of a billionaire who went missing and returns back as a changed man to clean his city from crimes. The series has the excellent choice of action and drama and has been rated by IMDB with an 8.9.

9. The Sopranos

Watch Sopranos on:HBO

The story tells about a man who finds himself seeking professional counseling due to personal and professional issues at his home and business life. The series that was quite popular during its time of run was given a 9.2 by IMDB.

10. Better Call Saul

Watch Better Call Saul on:Netflix

A spin-off prequel before the lousy breaking series, the story goes about a con man turned small-time lawyer whose skills allows him to enter the underworld. The series that had just 10 episodes were rated by IMDB with a 9.

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