Narcos : Mexico Vs Mirzapur – Which One You Will Binge-Watch This Weekend?

Two most promising web series has been dropped before this weekend that is Narcos: Mexico and Mirzapur on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video respectively. Not that we aren’t happy with the fact of having two new stuff to stream but it comes with confusion – Which one is worthy of your weekend. Well, you might see both or surely will do but apparently only can win for the binge-watching thi...[Read More]

5 Upcoming Netflix Originals Which You Should Add In Your Watchlist

Netflix is getting interesting and more engaging day by day with including more number of Originals around the world, giving a wide spectrum of variety in content. This variety easily interprets as in region, language, genre and format of the content. All you need to do is keep posted about the upcoming content on this streaming giant. Well, a lot of things are coming but we chose, at least first,...[Read More]

5 Best New Shows Streaming On Netflix In November That You Should Binge-Watch

Netflix brings a huge storm of exciting content in the month of November. But what is worth for bing-watch, that’s what everybody might be wondering. Well, here are the 5 best out of best Netflix shows in November which you should consider for binge-watching. 1. House of Cards Season 6 Netflix Description: “A ruthless politician will stop at nothing but conquering the Washington D.C in...[Read More]

5 Worth-to-Watch Upcoming Shows And Movies Coming Up On Netflix In November

It is going to be great November for Netflix Subscribers as House of Cards season finale has been just streaming and Narcos: Netflix is coming in this very month. Just like that, a lot of other Netflix Original, Series and movies are into the pipeline. From those, we hand-picked 5 best of the worth-watch shows which are coming up on the Netflix in this month itself. So Grab a bowl of popcorn, get ...[Read More]

5 Streaming Biopics Series That You Should Binge Watch

There lot of biopics made in mainstream cinema whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood but there is a lot of biopic or biopic inspired fiction series made on the streaming platform or streaming on various OTT platforms. We bring you here the most vivid and versatile short list of high-quality content series streaming which is biopic at their format. Here is the biopic series of a drug lord, an actual...[Read More]

5 Upcoming Movies and Series On Streaming That You Should Be Exciting For

October was a great streaming month, there was a ton of exciting originals, series and movies released online. You might have all October like a binge watch month. Even now you expect the next month to be as exciting or more for streaming content. There are so many movies and series are coming in following end year, few of them are into the pipeline and some of the best are just coming in no time....[Read More]

Narcos Mexico Trailer Released : Entirely Different From Previous Three Seasons

One of the most anticipated upcoming seasons of Series Narcos is all set to stream with a new title ‘Narcos: Mexico’ The trailer for the series Narcos: Mexico has been out and apparently it is completely different and to be specific, quite unique than its earlier three seasons. The series seems to be a lot of Showy and upbeat and setting the backdrop theme for the 1980s. Narcos: Mexico...[Read More]

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