Disney Plus Eyeing Ronda Rousey for She Hulk?

Disney Plus is all set to create a storm in the world of streaming entertainment. Fans have waited for Disney Plus since a while. Earlier, Netflix was the go-to place for Marvel webseries. With Disney+, that’s no longer the case. Disney+ increased the excitement quotient with news of She-Hulk. Now, there’s a rumor that Ronda Rhousey, the past MMA and WWE superstar is being tagged for t...[Read More]

Disney Plus Will Roll Out On November

Disney unveiled that they will launch its own streaming service named ‘Disney Plus’. It will start streaming in the US from November 12 which will cost monthly $6.99 or $69.99 per year. In this era, online streaming service is increasing day by day. After almost two years of long planning, the Walt Disney company finally broke their silence and unveiled some important details about its upcoming an...[Read More]

Netflix Will Create A ‘ Story Universe’ On Roald Dahl Creations Including BFG & Matilda

The Streaming giant Netflix is all set to build a ‘ story universe’ based upon the Roald Dahl creations like BFG and Matilda. Roald Dahl stories are known to be adapted on the big screen or other features such as BFG, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, James and the giant peach, Willy Honka, the witches and many more. Netflix will be adapting new animated ser...[Read More]

Netflix Is Bringing Avengers Infinity War Movie On Christmas but Wait! Not For Long?

With this great news that Avengers Infinity War will be soon streaming on Netflix this Christmas, also come to know that it won’t be there for much longer. So you will not have the luxury for watching that anytime later or for long. Well, first of all, the most popular film for a long time Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War finally found its home for streaming. Just after the release, even...[Read More]

10 Best Things Are Going To Happen In 2019

2019 year will be the year of Streaming and certainly of the Entertainment. There is huge storm of content and possiblities coming with good news and here we brought those 10 things which are going to happen in this forthcoming year. When you realise, it will blow your mind. So Mark your calenders and get ready for this new year coming. Let’s hope for golden age for streaming! 1. Long-Awaite...[Read More]

5 Oscar-Winning Animation Movies Streaming Right Now Will Be Worth To Watch

Animation movies won a lot of hearts of audience over a long period of time and now it is one of the most celebrated genres of films. Increasing number of animation movies led to the bringing more variety in stories and more depth in conviction as well as as budget. Here we brought you 5 Oscar-winning animation movies to make you remember how good these animation movies are. 1. Toy Story 3 Hotstar...[Read More]

Disney’s Streaming Platform Will Be Called Disney+ Launching in 2019

Streaming Giant Netflix is going to have another potential rival which it will be a new streaming platform launched by its own parent company Disney. After so many speculations, it has been out that Disney’s streaming platform will be called as Disney+ and going to be launched in 2019. 1. Disney’s Streaming Service will be named as Disney+ 2. Disney+ features all Disney movies and seri...[Read More]

10 Most Popular Disney Animation Movies Streaming On Netflix

Everybody loves Disney movies and Animation is a bonus. It is a complete family watch and entertaining for all age groups. Netflix has some great collection of Disney Animation movies which surely deserve your watchlist. These movies are great when enjoyed with your loved ones. Lot of films below also have their sequels which you can find on the Netflix itself. We enlisted the 10 best and popular ...[Read More]

Netflix Cancelled ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’, No More Third Season!

It’s indeed a bad news for ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ fans and even for Marvel fans that Netflix cancelled the series from further any season. Especially after the second season’s climax cliffhanger, fans were hooked up on the third season of Iron fist to stream on Netflix. If you are one of those, then, unfortunately, there will be no extended storyline for Danny Rand cum ...[Read More]

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