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5 Disney Animation Movies That Your Kids Must Watch

Disney animation movies has been always quite sensitive and treat to watch, not for kids or young ones but actually for all age groups. Disney animation movies gives some kind of hope and self-confidence as their characters are always struggling from their own challenges and becoming something great towards the end. It has alwasy some moral or personality lesson to take away from these entertainme...[Read More]

Netflix Is Bringing Avengers Infinity War Movie On Christmas but Wait! Not For Long?

With this great news that Avengers Infinity War will be soon streaming on Netflix this Christmas, also come to know that it won’t be there for much longer. So you will not have the luxury for watching that anytime later or for long. Well, first of all, the most popular film for a long time Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War finally found its home for streaming. Just after the release, even...[Read More]

Disney’s Streaming Platform Will Be Called Disney+ Launching in 2019

Streaming Giant Netflix is going to have another potential rival which it will be a new streaming platform launched by its own parent company Disney. After so many speculations, it has been out that Disney’s streaming platform will be called as Disney+ and going to be launched in 2019. 1. Disney’s Streaming Service will be named as Disney+ 2. Disney+ features all Disney movies and seri...[Read More]

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