Avengers Infinity War

Netflix Is Bringing Avengers Infinity War Movie On Christmas but Wait! Not For Long?

With this great news that Avengers Infinity War will be soon streaming on Netflix this Christmas, also come to know that it won’t be there for much longer. So you will not have the luxury for watching that anytime later or for long. Well, first of all, the most popular film for a long time Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War finally found its home for streaming. Just after the release, even...[Read More]

Every Stan Lee Created Marvel Superhero Movie Streaming Right Now, Don’t Miss His Cameos!

Stan Lee, the creator of so many marvel characters that we love today is passed away recently. so we thought of marking all those great Stan Lee created Marvel characters featuring movies where he played his great cameo as well. Most of the movies you will find of Netflix and Hotstar, streaming right now. 1. Marvel’s Avengers film Series Avengers Initiative is one of the most popular and box...[Read More]

Avengers’ Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Spotted in India, Shooting for Upcoming Netflix Film Along With Manoj Bajpayee And Randeep Hooda

Chris Hemsworth, the Hollywood actor popular for playing the ‘ Thor’ in Avengers and Thor film Series of Marvel Cinematic Universe has been spotted in India. Chris has been seen shooting for his upcoming Netflix Original film featuring along Randeep Hooda and Manoj Bajpayee. The actor is currently spotted in Ahmedabad and soon will be going to Mumbai. The actor was spotted at the Ahmed...[Read More]

Captain America Actor Chris Evans Is Going To Retire From Marvel Universe For Good

Captain America actor Chis Evans strongly suggested that he will be retiring from the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU) after the Avengers Infinity War – Part II. He will be no longer playing the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America in Marvel Avengers movies. The actor has been doing the Captain America for last eight years where the Avengers 4 is going to be his 10th Marvel film. Chris E...[Read More]

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