Sacred Games 2: Netflix India Dropped A Mini Episode, A Day The Life Of Mumbai’s Kanta Bai

sacred games 2 mini episode

Only one day is left to go! The gangster drama ended on a mind-boggling cliffhanger. Leaving the fans exhilarated for season two. Sacred Games series is touching the hearts so beautifully that it can’t fade away from the mind.

Indian thriller series ‘Sacred Games’ based on Vikram Chandra’s best-selling novel, which is co-directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwani a Netflix original series received both critical appreciation and was loved by the fans.

Sacred Games 2 are even more thrilling than the first one, season two is a continuation of the first one and starts right from where the first season ended. Fans are eagerly waiting for 15 August to binge watch the entire series. Last day, Netflix India dropped a mini episode of Sacred Games two. As soon as the mini episode came into the limelight, fans are going gaga over it.

Yes, the official Facebook handles of Netflix India shared a mini episode leaving the fans awestruck. They posted the video with the caption, “Iss bar mein Trivedi bhi nahi bachega.

The mini episode starts by showing a bar and moves the camera to the Mumbai’s very own Kanta Bai. Kanta Bai seems to be spying of a gang who are talking about to cut off someone’s legs. One man from that group says, “Gaitonde won’t be bothering anyone pretty soon.”

Watch the video here

The comment thread of the video is a hidden gem dominated by the netizens:






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