Netflix Original Webseries GLOW Wraps Up After Season 4

Glow Web Series

Netflix Original Webseries GLOW is one of the best female oriented web series out there. The series, which Allison Brie headlines, was real, raw and entertaining. It has gone on to have two other seasons, after the first one. Netflix has announced that the fourth season will be the last, wrapping up the show.

This is bitter sweet news for the fans of the Netflix Original Webseries, but we leave it to the show creators to decide when the characters they have created have run their course.It’s not all bad news for Glow fans. At the recent nominations at the Emmy’s 2019, Betty Gilpin won a nomination for her performance as Debbie Eagan. Since 2017, the Netflix Original Web Series has won 17 Emmy Awards nominations.

The first season of the web series was an intense, emotional story of women trying to eke out a living from the only trade they know – sports entertainment. The gritty story and genuine performances hooked the audiences, who folllowed the series for two more seasons after the first season.

GLOW is one of the best Netflix web series, but it somehow didn’t get a mainstream following in India. That’s eerily similar to the genre that it is based on, sports entertainment wrestling. Even sports entertainment wrestling has had at least three false starts in India.

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