Netflix Leila: Huma Qureshi Says, “It Has Been A Gratifying Journey For Me”

Huma Qureshi

Jolly LLB 2 Star Huma Qureshi steps into the digital world with Netflix series ‘Leila’. Huma says, “I’m thrilled to be essaying Shalini, whose unique mix of strength, grace, and optimism is what gets her through all kinds of obstacles.”

Huma says that she is grateful for the opportunity to play such a beautiful character. Huma Qureshi told IANS, “Playing a mother on-screen was quite difficult because it was not only about being a mother…it was more about inheriting the qualities of Shalini who fights against the evils to find her daughter. Shalini demanded strong emotions and to portray them correctly, I had to prepare a lot.”

However, while expressing her opinion towards her Leila’s character, Huma Qureshi says, “Every day, we read so much on Twitter or in newspapers but we move on and ignore it. So despite being set in a dystopian world, this show holds some elements related to present times too.”

She also added, “It has been a gratifying journey for me. I have never played such a strong character before this show. With this character, I have pushed myself as an artiste. I really had to go deep into the story.”

Well, Leila is a powerful dystopian series which gives you goosebumps. The trailer showcased the terrifying world where purity is law. The web series set in the future and the story reveals that one woman stands up to resist the nightmare. The only thing driving her to go through the depths of hell is her daughter, Leila. It starts streaming on June 14.

Netflix web series ‘Leile’ is based on a book which is written by Prayaag Akbar. “So it really has been an honour to portray a character that has not only pushed me as an artist but I believe will resonate with a lot of young women,” says Huma Qureshi in a statement.

The six episodes series Leila is directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman, and Pawan Kumar. It’s being produced by Priya Sreedharan and Wasim Khan.

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