Psychological Thriller Rakkosh Makes Its Way to Netflix

Rakkosh Netflix Film

Netflix is known to go for the biggest Bollywood titles, with the biggest casts. However, Netflix does its bit for the indie cinema scene. And proof of that is Rakkosh, India’s first perspective thriller/horror film. The film stars Sanjay Mishra in an integral role. What sets the film apart is the perspective direction – something rare in Bollywood. The film is an adaptation of the Marathi short story titled Patient 302 by Narayan Dharap. Narayan Dharap’s stories have earlier been adapted to films, most famous being Tummbad.

Rakkosh stars Tannishtha Chatterjee, Priyanka Bose and Barun Chanda. Since the film is from the perspective of Birsa, his face is rarely seen. Namit Das has voiced the character of Birsa. Rakkosh has completed the festival circuit. It premiered at the Pune International Film Festival and then later at the Rajastan International Film Festival. The film also screened at the Orange City International Film Festival.


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