Narcos : Mexico Review

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Narcos: Mexico doesn’t glamourise its way to present the story getting more into the audience what we just saw with India’s Original series ‘ Mirzapur’ from Amazon Prime Video Original released at the same date. You won’t feel the reality to be compromised and toned towards something fancy and yet holding the powerful narration in-between drugs, guns and powerplay.

As per the reputation of the Narcos and also the Netflix, Narcos: Mexico has this huge responsibility to cater to those Narcos fans and feed them similar hype of intriguing cult with the significance of its parent show but yet different and something fresh. With the same concern, Narcos: Mexico took that really seriously and it can be seen how it parted its way from ‘Narcos’ without losing that very essence and feel. From the Narcos creators, it has been clarified that it is not a sequel to Narcos. You can consider the episodes as a spin-off of the Narcos and later something going on in the parallel universe of ‘Narcos’ series.

The backdrop or locations are highly utilized in the storyline and throughout the series which gives a certain level of authenticity and tonality to the characters and overall look of the series. It gives the audience the texture of the Mexican feel and something new to cling on. Narcos: Mexico is praise-worthy to show the other side of the story as there is an entire episode which represents what these kinds of war affect the people.

Michael Pena who has played the KiKi Camerena as a DEA Agent who almost sacrificed his life to maintain the order and belief of humanity. Interestingly, the series will remind you of the bit of The Dark Knight and even Sacred Games where an immovable object stands against an unstoppable force.


  • Narcos Mexico is spin-off of Narcos but quite unique and fresh
  • Michael Pena and Diego Luna did great job in their performances


Performance - 9
Story/Screenplay - 8
Direction - 9

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