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It is ruining ‘ Gangs of Wasseypur’ at best!

At best, Mirzapur is about ruining Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur and well, at worst, you better not ask! Mirzapur does have some points to be praised but apparently, it got shadowed by the lousy forced violence, over-pretentious characters and slow-paced screenplay. When there is a lot worse to discuss, it is better to wind up the good parts. Before moving on, something really unfortunate is required to be noticed here that Mirzapur is third Amazon Prime Original series after Inside Edge and Breathe and it is nothing exciting and great as they were.

No Layering and depth in characters. All you see is Guns, Abusive Language and Blood

Just on the record, Mirzapur is below average streaming web series especially when it compared to other co-existing content like Sacred Games, Breath and other popular web content in India. The film is entirely surrounded by the characters which have no layers, arc and depth in the mature sense. After watching this long series with long episodes, the thing you remember is a lot of characters are abusing every next minute following with blood and guns. That’s is a summary of the show.

Some performances are good in the series. At best, call it an average series to watch

The performances are really great by actors like Pankaj Tripathy and Ali Zafar but they could do far better than this if got a great script. Rest of the actors, especially Divyendu Sharma seems to be pretentious in acting. It seems forced to the throat of viewers. There are few sex scenes for the sake of sex scenes with no relevance to the story or adding up.

Long-episodes are dragging and tedious. Low-pacing screenplay

The worst thing which makes this so much intolerable is the pace of the series which is too much slow and dragging. The length of the episode is a one-freaking hour. So it could be better and the story may be got interesting in a screenplay if the time could be like 35-40 minutes. It is like the gun show where you will see all sort of guns which you could ever see in your life. And it also kind of defame that place ‘ Mirzapur’ by glorifying crimes as a culture there. it was acting like the multi-layered and complex story to behave like ‘Narcos’ or ‘ Gangs of Wasseypur’ but hardly there.


  • Cinematography of the film is good at some level
  • Performance by actors like Pankaj Tripathi is good


  • Dramatically slow-paced and dragging one hour long episodes
  • Immature characters, failed arcs, layering and depth in characters
  • Pathetic Screenplay
  • Average Direction
  • Lack of story and more of pretentious elements like abusive language, sex and violence
  • Glorifying violence and abusive language
  • Unconvicing Overall


Performance - 6
Cinematography - 7
Story - 3
Screenplay - 2
Entertainment Value - 3
Direction - 3

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