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Mirzapur Writer Puneet Krishna Says, “Each Role In Mirzapur Is Defined And Distinct”

Mirzapur Writer Puneet Krishna Says, “Each Role In Mirzapur Is Defined And Distinct”

Mirzapur is right now streaming on the Amazon Prime Video where the show is getting mixed reviews, however, the performances of the cast are widely appreciated. Just like the cast, the story, characters and dialogues of the series also stand out in the mind of the viewers. The writing of the film is highly relevant, grounded to the roots and really crisp. The series is written by Puneet Krishna and Karan Anshuman who are known for writing earlier Amazon Prime Original Indian series ‘ Inside Edge’.

Puneet talked about how the whole idea of Mirzapur conceptualized to him, said “I have been born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. I have seen such a world from really close quarters. I remember seeing young boys carrying guns to college during elections. So the seed germinated from there. When Excel Entertainment spoke to us about making a show, we send it across and they liked it. We then worked on the script and developed it further.”

He further talked about the character building of the series, added “Each role in Mirzapur is defined and distinct. With nine prime characters, we asked Puneet how difficult it gets to write for a multi-cast show. He said, “Oh, it’s fun and challenging. We wanted each of them to have a different persona and mindset. Also, each character in Mirzapur is a hero. What we tried keeping in mind is that when one sees the series, they should feel for every one of them. Be it pain, love, hate or even sexual desire, the characters should take the audience along in every scene.”

Source: IndianExpress

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