Game Of Thrones Season 8: Twitterati Scream At GOT Makers For Hand Goff up, After Coffee Cup

Game of thrones Jaime

After Coffee cup Goff up, another one comes into the limelight from Game Of Thrones. It seems that the final season is about the end but it makes upset the GOT fans unlike the episode 4 starts with mourning. Twitterati are going gaga over Jaime’s hand.

Fans don’t miss any chance to troll the Game Of Thrones makers and upload hilarious jokes on the social media platform. The same happened when fans observe Jaime Lannister’s missing right hand. The silly mistake was found during episode 5 went streaming online.

After this hand Goff up, fan quickly flashed the mistake on social media and tweeted, “Jaime Lannister magically has his right hand, in last night’s episode of #GameOfThrones… I imagine he needs that hand, to hold his Starbucks.”

Here is the tweet

Let’s back to the Season 3. In Season 3 episode 3 Jaime Lannister lost his right hand. Apparently, in season 8 episode 5, Jaime’s right hand is visible. How’s it possible? If someone’s hand is cut off then how it grew. Now, it’s clear that it is another big silly mistake.

If GOT makers are doing mistake relentlessly then, of course, fans will take the opportunity to highlight the point. Scroll down to see the memes for hand Goff up.

Is it possible?

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