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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: Twitterati Went Crazy Over Gendry’s Love Proposal To Arya

game of thrones episode 4

GOT fans are so impressed and excited with the final season that they couldn’t contain their excitement. As a result, social media pours with memes. For every episode, fans show their creative level. Of course, meme creator already starts making memes for Game Of Thrones episode 4.

Today, episode 4 hit the internet which started with mourning. All heroes have landed around the Winterfell hall to attend the funeral who died in the battle of Winterfell. Before burning the dead persons, Jon Snow gave a speech and pinpointed the value of sacrifice in the battle. But Twitterati went crazy over Gendry’s love proposal to Arya.

Well, one hand, fans went crazy after seeing the awkward sequence between Daenerys and Jon and on the other hand fan mourned for the unexpected death of Missandei. Even Game Of Thrones fans started expressing their craziness over Gendry’s love proposal to Arya and her rejection.

After watching the epic episode, some of them says, “You are my queen. I don’t know what else I can say.” – me struggling to have an original thought” where others are saying, “NOOOOOO THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN.”

However, fans again show their craziness level over the Game Of Thrones saga. Twitter poured with some hilarious memes and roasts which surely make your day. Let’s check some of them.

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