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Game Of Thrones Season 8: DDLJ’s ‘Palat’ Dialogue Perfectly Matches For One Scene

Game of thrones palat

Are you someone who wants to spend time crushing over Netflix Game Of Thrones saga? We can take you to walk through this article, showing the reactions to jokes and excitement. After Game Of Thrones final season streaming online, internet flooded with hilarious memes and roasts. Apart from the reaction to memes, one video will enchant your heart.

Yes, from the past few days, the social media platforms are flooded with memes, jokes about Game Of Thrones and its characters. Surprisingly, one video from a famous Bollywood movie’s dialogue ‘PALAT’ has been edited and was being linked to the moments where Cersei changed her mind about the deal, in the absence of horses. But Euron manages to have his words make way for him.

The scene is edited beautifully which makes you spellbound. The dialogue is taken from Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan’s movie DDLJ, ‘Palat Palat Palat’ is perfectly edited for this scene. Euron says to Cersei Palat.

However, episode 1 of season 8 brings all the speculation alive. Euron arrives with thousands of horses and mercenaries. We know that Game Of Thrones is popular for violence and deaths but some of the moments actually melt our hearts. Twitterati is going so crazy about Bran and Cersei missing out on those elephants.

After the first episode of the much awaited season 8 of the Game Of Thrones hit the internet, this PALAT video broke all the records on social media. The first episode was all about the teary-eyed reunions, starring Jon and Arya’s lovable hug.

Let’s check the video and comments. Scroll down to check the video.

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