Full HD Display Is What the OTT Platforms Need Right Now


Everything – almost everything  – is working for the streaming market in India as of now. The mainstream talent is looking at getting a pie of this market. Data charges are going low, so everyone can access this content.

Mobile service providers are tying up with content creators and creating captive markets. But here’s something else that’ll give the streaming platforms the biggest boost ever –  if mobile manufacturers make full HD – 1920 x 1080 the new normal.

Many mobile brands and models have a full HD display right now – but that’s in the 15000 – 2000 price range. Only Mi phones offer a full HD display in the 10000 range – but those models have 3 GB and 32 GB internal.

This is not nitpicking, Full HD displays are infinitely better for binging and even watching a single episode. Content creators like ALTBalaji are making HD+ the new normal. Most of ALTBalaji series are available only in 720p resolution.For the display puritan, this is sacrilege. For the casual viewer, this is an impended viewing experience.

Other than that, the foreign web series deserve to be viewed in full HD. For example, the scenes from Stranger Things really need one, so does the Amazon Original web series Jack Reacher.  Even streaming platforms are now looking at becoming mobile exclusive. Amazon Prime as well as Netflix has launched mobile only plans. These plans cost lesser than the actual subscription. However, they will not be value for money if the end user can’t view content on a full HD screen.

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