Disney Plus Eyeing Ronda Rousey for She Hulk?

Ronda Rousey

Disney Plus is all set to create a storm in the world of streaming entertainment. Fans have waited for Disney Plus since a while. Earlier, Netflix was the go-to place for Marvel webseries. With Disney+, that’s no longer the case. Disney+ increased the excitement quotient with news of She-Hulk. Now, there’s a rumor that Ronda Rhousey, the past MMA and WWE superstar is being tagged for the role.

She’s not the only one, four more names have popped up in the rumors, but Ronda Rousey remains the biggest and most probable name for this series. To begin with, Ronda’s MMA and WWE experience makes her perfect for this role. Of course, the actual She-Hulk scenes will be rendered in CGI. But even those scenes will benefit with Ronda’s physical histrionics.

Female oriented and superhero web series are quite popular. Earlier, Marvel released Ms. Marvel., which was the connector between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner, the original Hulk.She Hulk first appeared in a comic book in 1980 and since then has been instrumental in the Marvel Universe. Since then, she has appeared in numerous live action as well as animation series and films.Then, in the nineties, Bridgette Nielsen was poised to play She Hulk and her alterego Jennifer Walters, but that film didn’t materialise as well.

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