Top 5 Kids Genre Movies You Surely Don’t Want To Miss

Do you want to go back to your childhood? Don’t you think that those rosy days are so good? We have all come across the childhood day. Do you like Kids genre shows? Today, let’s go back to the days we left behind. Nowadays, all the millennial kids Netflix is the main source of entertainment. Their genre is deceiving them to their fantasy world. For our generation Cartoon Network, HBO seems to be t...[Read More]

Twitter Flooded With Comments For Thor And Daenerys’s Face-Off Meme

The most anticipated movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ this title is enough to bring a smile on your face, right? Since its release, audiences don’t want to lose any opportunity to take a roller-coaster ride with Avengers. Even after Netflix’s Game Of Thrones season 8 released, this is also another attention seeker. Netflix web series Game Thrones final season and Avenger series’s last part both are...[Read More]

Netflix’s New Release: Watch The Upcoming Film And Series Of May 2019

April months is about to end. In this month, Netflix gave us some excellent original shows which grab our attention. What’s next? Are you guys eagerly waiting for the new original for May month? Let’s talk about Netflix’s new release in May. In today’s digital era, web series and Original movies are the best friends for millennials. Not only millennials group but all age groups are also fasc...[Read More]

Avengers Endgame Premiere Review: Audience Says, “It Is A Masterful Epic – A True Culmination Of 22 Films”

If you are someone who has a crushing over these Avengers such as Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Bruce Banner, we bring some exciting news for you about Avengers. The most anticipated movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ this title is enough to bring a smile on your face, right? Yes, on this 26th April, your waiting period will be over and you will get to witness your favorite Avenger. It has been a...[Read More]

5 Best Hollywood Film Franchises Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

Hollywood franchises always have been a great way to the bank the fans to the characters and plot. There is always place for sequels and installements of the film. Not to forget, the most successful movies in the history commercially are the ones part of franchises. Well, here are the best brought from them streaming on Amazon Prime Video to go for nostalgic ride. 1. Harry Potter Based on the nove...[Read More]

5 Must-Watch DC Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

1. The Dark Knight (Trilogy) Amazon Prime Video Description: “The Dark Knight reunites Christian Bale with director Christopher Nolan and takes Batman across the world in his quest to fight a growing criminal threat known as The Joker.” 2. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Amazon Prime Video Description: “From director Zack Snyder comes “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” sta...[Read More]

Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle Hindi Trailer Launch Event : Christian Bale, Abhisek Bachchan, Andy Serkis & Anil Kapoor Together

Just a back ago, Netflix film Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Hindi Trailer has been released where this Andy Serkis directorial film got its Hindi Trailer Launch event in Mumbai. In the trailer launch of the Netflix film Mowgli, the Hindi version voice cast such as Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor Khan except Jackie Shroff was present there. Not just that, the Orginal En...[Read More]

Netflix Is Bringing Avengers Infinity War Movie On Christmas but Wait! Not For Long?

With this great news that Avengers Infinity War will be soon streaming on Netflix this Christmas, also come to know that it won’t be there for much longer. So you will not have the luxury for watching that anytime later or for long. Well, first of all, the most popular film for a long time Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War finally found its home for streaming. Just after the release, even...[Read More]

What’s Latest Streaming Now : Catch Up All New Episodes & Movies

Streaming got some updates! A lot of fresh and new content are adding up on various OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Zee5, Viu, and more. As always, we bring you the latest all exciting streaming movies and new episodes which are just added. Catch up with these and we are coming with more. 1. The Princess Switch ( Netflix Original Film) The story is about a baker girl who got the ch...[Read More]

Every Stan Lee Created Marvel Superhero Movie Streaming Right Now, Don’t Miss His Cameos!

Stan Lee, the creator of so many marvel characters that we love today is passed away recently. so we thought of marking all those great Stan Lee created Marvel characters featuring movies where he played his great cameo as well. Most of the movies you will find of Netflix and Hotstar, streaming right now. 1. Marvel’s Avengers film Series Avengers Initiative is one of the most popular and box...[Read More]

5 Oscar-Winning Animation Movies Streaming Right Now Will Be Worth To Watch

Animation movies won a lot of hearts of audience over a long period of time and now it is one of the most celebrated genres of films. Increasing number of animation movies led to the bringing more variety in stories and more depth in conviction as well as as budget. Here we brought you 5 Oscar-winning animation movies to make you remember how good these animation movies are. 1. Toy Story 3 Hotstar...[Read More]

Netflix Acquires Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle, Will be Streaming Along With Theatrical Release: Watch Netflix Trailer

Netflix has released the Andy Serkis’s Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Trailer where the movie is going to having the Streaming premier on December 7th, 2018 along with its limited theatrical release in November 29th, 2018. There is an great anticipation as well as excitement for this Mowgli version which features such vibrant voice-cast. Rohan Chand is playing the character of Mowgli whereas C...[Read More]

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