Full HD Display Is What the OTT Platforms Need Right Now

Everything – almost everything  – is working for the streaming market in India as of now. The mainstream talent is looking at getting a pie of this market. Data charges are going low, so everyone can access this content. Mobile service providers are tying up with content creators and creating captive markets. But here’s something else that’ll give the streaming platforms th...[Read More]

5 Indian Web Series Sequels We Are Rooting For

Indian web series are an ‘in thing’ now. Just two years ago, web series meant Netflix and Game of Thrones. It’s 2019 and we have more than 5 homegrown streaming platforms. Not just homegrown streaming platforms, we have international streaming platforms creating India centric content. There’s a lot to unpack, but right now, here’s a list of the 5 best Indian web series that must haave a sequel, pr...[Read More]

Top 4 Best Women Oriented Thriller Movies That You Surely Don’t Want To Miss

“Old is gold” this line is true. There are some old movies which storyline, cinematography and acting everything are so real that its signs are still in our minds. Do you love action thriller, based on women? Actually, action thriller movies, especially bad-ass women oriented action thriller movies are an all-time favorite for all, right? Let’s scroll down to check some action thriller movies, bas...[Read More]

Top 4 Upcoming Indian Web Series That Will Feed The Curious Cat Inside You

Beside the English web series, some Indian Hindi web series grabs the whole attention of the audience. People love to watch different genres of content and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is coming up with such captivating content which can’t fade away from the minds. Bollywood actors are featured in streaming platforms on a huge level. A lot of Bollywood celebs have been featured in web series in pas...[Read More]

Have A Entertainning Bite With These Top 7 Upcoming Hindi Web Series

Nowadays, people love to watch different genres of content. To fulfill the demands of an audience every OTT platform is relentlessly serving us good contents. There are a lot of streaming platforms are emerging to compete with each other. One hand, the existing giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime render us some good content which touches our lives and hearts and in the other hand, ALT Balaji, zee5 h...[Read More]

Top 5 Series Streaming On Amazon Prime That You Crave For

People love to watch different genres of content and Amazon has a wide variety to show, with more than a reasonable amount of styles Amazon and Netflix show’s content based on your region and if you have access to this genre then explore it. We have enjoyed a whole stream of Amazon Prime Originals like Goliath, The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, The Tick, Breathe, Inside Edge, Baahubali: The Lost Legends a...[Read More]

Top 8 Talented Web Series Stars Who Mesmerized Our Hearts With Their Acting

In this digital era, one hand OTT platforms are doing competitions with each other to render the best content to its audience and on the other hand, TV channels are getting competition from the web series and shows that are shown through the Internet. There was a time when people were addicted to Radio and Doordarshan only. But when internet became part of the life, the atmosphere has changed comp...[Read More]

Top 7 BOLD Web Series Which Are Binge Watching!

Today’s millennials are so fond of web series and original movies that they don’t want to skip anything. To fulfill the demand OTT platforms is relentlessly rendering us some marvelous content which attract the audience. Content on OTT platforms is naturally more engaging than we are used to seeing in cinemas because it doesn’t get censored and makers and can speak their hearts without restriction...[Read More]

Top 4 ZEE5 Original Web Series That Enchants Your Hearts

As there are a lot of streaming platforms are emerging to compete with the existing giants like Netflix, you find great options today for digital streaming entertainment. Zee5 has also brought Original series for the Indian audience, not just in Hindi but in different languages. Amongst them, here are the 4 most recently released Original is streaming on Zee5 that you shouldn’t miss. The Final Cal...[Read More]

Korean Thriller: Top 4 Movies That You Should Add In Your Bucket List

Are you getting bored watching Rom-Com stories? For a change are you finding some different genres? I think Korean thriller movies will be the best option to change the taste of your buds. What do you say? Korean thriller land has much to offer to its lovers this Year. The specialty of Korean dramas is that they provide a variety of genres ranging from Comedy, thriller to Romance. The giant OTT pl...[Read More]

Do You Know That How Many OTT Platforms Are In India? Check The List Here

In today’s digital era, web series and Original movies are the best friends for millennials. Not only millennials group but all age groups are also fascinated for OTT shows. Every OTT platform relentlessly gives us some excellent original shows which grab our attention. The youngsters of this age turns out to be a Netflix addict and surprisingly, it didn’t stop with those little lads and fellows b...[Read More]

Top 6 Actresses Of Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms Who Still Enchant Our Hearts

Ekta Kapoor who completely changed the fortune of Indian Television and her work in ALT Balaji is appreciable. One hand, Ekta Kapoor has created and produced more than 130 Indian soap operas under her banner Balaji Telefilms Limited and in the other hand, some actresses enchanted audience’s hearts with their captivating beauty and marvelous acting. Ekta Kapoor’s serials like Kasauti Zindagi ...[Read More]

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