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Bryan French Shared Over 22 Memes Which Will Take You On The Nostalgic GOT Memory Ride

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I think eight years long crazy saga of Game Of Thrones still there. HBO anticipated series Game Of Thrones spreads its magical sparkle so much to the world that GOT fans are still trying to deal with their heartbreaks.

A few days back, one GOT fan merged the entire GOT season into an astonishing 83 seconds video and the video was mesmerizing. After the final episode streaming online, fans were left in teary eyes and also raised so many questions about the season.

From its debut in 2011 to its ending in 2019, over eight years, the web series created a fantasy saga and gained so much popularity. The HBO series is considered as the best series to date. But the final season is like a roller-coaster ride for fans that the season is too fast to understand what exactly is going on!

In the final episodes most hilarious and saddest part for Danny’s fans that she died at the end of the season. Not only the death of Danny, but there are also some other shocking moments which is really hard to digest.

Well, one hand the end of an era of Game Of Thrones ended with a rush and on the other hand, fans are starting screaming at the writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Fans eagerly wait for the answers which reflect on social media platforms.

But one GOT fan named Bryan French takes some pictures from EVERY SINGLE GAME OF THRONES EPISODE and remind us that we really kind of forgot. Bryan French shares over twenty-two memes on social media platform will clear everything that we kind of forgot.

Yes, GOT fan Bryan French takes some pictures from GOT and beautifully describes that we kind of forgot those moments which the makers built since the first season to the end. Those pictures are going to make you remind each moment of Game of Thrones.

See how Bryan French expressed his emotions through those beautiful memes. Let’s scroll down to check.























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