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Best Premium Content on OTT platforms : Top 6 Series to Watch

Best Premium Content on OTT platforms : Top 6 Series to Watch

Premium shows are available for paid subscribers, and they offer more popular and hit tv series, and some of the OTT’s have the best collection of these types of shows, let us see six best indicates on OTTs.

1. Transparent

Watch On: AmazonPrime

Telecasted on Amazon Video, the program creator Jull Soloway has made a strong show where the whole plot deals with exposing one other’s secret in a dysfunctional family. This show has won the Primetime Emmy Award.

2. Bloodline

Watch On: Netflix

This is one of the thrillers shows that deals with how an American family and the demons that lurk beneath. This show focuses more on the family’s harmonious relationship which deteriorates when the right people are forced to do harmful things. This is one of the best Tv shows.

3. Bosch

Watch On: AmazonPrime

The story is based on a Los Angels Police Department homicide detective who works to solve the murder case of a 13-year-old boy, telecasted by Amazon Video this show is some of the best displays available on Amazon.

4. Jessica Jones

Watch On: Netflix
Jessica Jones is one of the Netflix originals, being one of the Marvel characters, this story focuses on a girl who starts a detective agency after being a superhero for quite some time. This story is best portrayed and released on Netflix and has won the Primetime Emmy award.

5. Daredevil

Watch On: Netflix
Daredevil is one of the marvel shows released by Netflix, Blinded in an accident in the childhood. He has managed to master all his senses, currently in its season 3 production, the show is one of the best shows trending on Tv.

6. House of Cards

Watch On: Netflix

House of cards deals with Frank Underwood, a Democrat who is appointed as the secretary of the state, he and his wife set out on a quest to take revenge on people who betrayed him meanwhile rising in power. This show is one of the best political thrillers.

These are some of the premium content on some of the top OTT’s, so watch them without fail, many other shows are as good as these above ones so watch out for new shows on these OTTs.

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