Bard Of Blood: Emraan Hashmi Says, “The Action Is Fantastical But Not Unbelievable”

bard of blood

Shah Rukh Khan took a break from films, but currently King Khan is busy promoting his upcoming Netflix series Bard of Blood. Emraan Hashmi, who is going to make his digital debut with the upcoming Netflix Original Series ‘ Bard of Blood’ based upon a novel of the same title talks about the hope he sees in OTT medium.

The trailer of Bard of Blood was launched a few days back and it did leave the audience stunned. Recently, Emraan Hashmi speaks about the making of the Bard Of Blood poster. As per PTI reports, Emraan Hashmi says, “It’s been 18 years for me in the industry. There are so many new people coming on the block, it’s insane. You’ve got to be on your toes.”

He also added, “Everyone’s struggling to stay afloat. That’s the nature of the business and that’s what’s fun about it. It’s not easy, but it’s a high. Everything has to lead to the next thing. I don’t have a road map. It’s just holding on to the next opportunity and moving on.”

Emraan Hashmi unveiled that There was a shot here, where there are a lot of guns kept on the floor and he was looking up to the cam. It seemed like a very interesting snap. He also said, “There’s one particular one which is through a broken glass with bullet holes in it, which is my favourite.”

Emraan says, “it’s a great time now with platforms like Netflix coming up, there are realistic films coming out.” While sharing the details about the new avatar, he states, “I’ve never done something like this -the spy zone. The show will go to 190 countries so it’ll involve a slightly different kind of performance. Understated, real, raw, authentic and nothing that’s unbelievable. Even the action is fantastic, but not unbelievable.”

He also added, “I had to begin by understanding where Kabir Anand comes from. He has angst, he’s fighting his demons, ghosts from the past. Just getting into his head was a difficult process.”

However, Bard Of Blood story reveals that an excommunicated RAW agent, Kabir Anand, a courageous analyst, Isha Khanna, and a sleeper agent, Veer Singh, take on a covert mission in Balochistan when four Indian spies are captured. The mission soon turns south and Kabir Anand, played by Emraan Hashmi, must face his demons from the past to end a war before it begins.

Bard of Blood” will be of 8 episodes and it has been directed by Ribhu Dasgupta.It starts streaming from 27th September.

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