5 Best Hollywood Film Franchises Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

5 Best Hollywood Film Franchises Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

Hollywood franchises always have been a great way to the bank the fans to the characters and plot. There is always place for sequels and installements of the film. Not to forget, the most successful movies in the history commercially are the ones part of franchises. Well, here are the best brought from them streaming on Amazon Prime Video to go for nostalgic ride.

1. Harry Potter

Based on the novel series of the same titles penned by J.K Rowling, there are a total of eight movies in the Harry Potter franchise. It is about a boy who destined to study in magical school Hogwarts and defeated the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. Everybody knows about Harry Potter, it was a mania in 90s and even now.

2. The Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy narrates the all-time favourite vigilante Batman from DC Universe and his journey from Bruce Wayne to Batman and then to become the dark knight.

3. Transformers Pentalogy

The five films series of Transformers is about Autobots came from another planet colliding their paths to human and earth where it is again a fight about good and evil.

4. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the chipmunks came from forests but meet Dave, a musician who later present these singing chipmunks as sensation to the world. Now it is all about their bonding and new adventures.

5. The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix is about a man knowing that where they live in is just a computer program which is needed to be destroyed and he is the man destined for it.

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